Knitcrate - December 2018

Happy Friday!

Have you guys tried Knitcrate? I started my subscription in the fall of 2018 and I love it! (Keep reading for a discount code!) I feel like all of my favourite makers are signed up for Knitcrate, and I wanted to see what the hype was about. I'm a big fan. Every month, you get a knit/crochet kit sent to your door that includes specialty yarn (the colour ways are dyed exclusively for Knitcrate) and a pattern booklet that contains 1 knit pattern and 1 crochet pattern. I just finished crocheting up December's Knitcrate (while I drank allllll the matcha) and wanted to show you what it looks like when you open up a Knitcrate package! Here's what came with the December box: (the pattern booklet + yarn hanks)

The yarn in this crate was called Vidalana Heathered Chunky yarn. I received 2 hanks of the colour "Clementine" which retails for $24.00 USD per hank. I honestly loved the feeling of this yarn, it's 100% wool and works up so nicely. There are usually a few different colour ways every month, and the colour you receive is a surprise each month. The patterns are neatly organized in a pretty booklet - you can see part of it above! It has a lot of pretty coloured photos and details about the designers as well. Here's the yarn label:

OKAY. So. What did I make?! This crate had a few patterns in it - a simple knit cowl and a crochet hat with 3 pom poms. This hat is not really my style, but I wanted to make something new and follow a pattern for something I hadn't made before, so I went for it. I think it's so cute that it kind of makes me laugh. I think someone could rock this super chunky hat, but it's not me. It was still fun to make something new haha! Here's the finished hat:


The knit cowl would have been more my style, but again, I wanted to try to make something new. So here it is! I've actually never used my mini pompom maker before, so it was fun to use it to make the two little dangly pompoms for the front of the hat!

If you think KnitCrate might be something you want to try out, you can look into it more here. There are 4 different crates you can choose from: KnitCrate Membership, Sock Crate Membership, Artisan Crate, and Sock Artisan Crate. I still have never made socks before.. but once I learn, I'm definitely getting one of the sock crates!! And.. it's free shipping. Bonus. 

You can click here to go to their website and take a peek at the January Crates for all the above memberships! If you order any time from now until January 31st, you'll receive one of these! 

Use the code "knitsnknots20" for 20% off your first crate :)



Hope you guys have an awesome weekend!

xo Janine

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