5 Reasons Why I Love Lion Brand 24/7 Cotton

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Are you ready for my first yarn review?

If you've followed me for a while, you know that I like working with cotton yarn. Umm jk. I love it. I seriously love it. But I discovered a new yarn (new to me) this summer called Lion Brand 24/7 Cotton, and I kid you not, this is my current favourite fiber to work with.

Let me preface this by saying this is just my opinion. I want to always be totally honest with you guys and this just happens to be one brand of yarn that I love, so naturally I just want to share my honest thoughts and opinions in hopes that you find it helpful when online shopping. This yarn isn't widely available in Canada (some smaller local yarn shops carry it but no department stores) so I wanted to put together a post that other people may find helpful in case you can't purchase it at your local yarn shop.

OK - now let me tell you why I love it!!

I love that it's not super fuzzy. I love the structure of the yarn. I love how durable it is and easy to care for. I love the colour options. I love that it's not gonna break the bank. I love the way it slides on metal hooks and needles when crocheting or knitting.

I know not everybody is a huge fan of cotton, but in my opinion, this creates garments and wearables that look store-bought. That's important to me when choosing a yarn. When I wear one of my own garments, I don't want you to be able to tell immediately that I made it, ya know? I don't want it to look homemade.

Handmade doesn't have to look homemade. Ya feel?

I used it for my Wanderer Ruana crochet pattern and my Peguis cardigan crochet pattern that I published in July and August, and I can promise you that I will release more patterns in the future that will use this yarn.


I've used a lot of other cotton brands; some that are way more expensive, and this one still takes the cake. You may disagree, and that's totally fine. You do you. But I genuinely love this yarn and I just wanted to share my thoughts with you in case you were on the fence and wondering whether or not it's worth the purchase. I also know that it's not available in a lot of countries including Canada where it's only available online. I know it's harder to purchase yarn online that you can't go and feel in-person. So, if you've never touched it before, I hope this helps you get a better understanding of what this fiber is like!



1. chainette style

If you haven't used a chainette style yarn before, it's a must-try. This yarn isn't spun in an S-Twist like most other yarns. The structure of the yarn strand itself is a chain, which means that your hook will not separate the plys. Did I say that loudly enough? It will. not. separate. the. plys. For me, this is major. Nothing is worse than looking back on a project you've worked on for hours, only to find that 20 rows back, your hook or needles missed one of the plys and now you've got an annoying loop hanging off your work. This won't happen with 24/7 cotton!

2. it's machine washable and dryable

Enough said.. you can throw your finished project in the wash AND in the dryer. And it will soften with washes.

3. the best colour options

Lion Brand is notorious for having great colour options. They're not too bright and tacky like a lot of other brands.This specific line has 24 colour options.

If you want to check some out, click here to swipe through all the options. My favourites are Camel, Taupe, and Ecru. (I like my neutrals, what can I say.)

My Wanderer Ruana Crochet Pattern used the colour Taupe.

My Peguis Cardigan Crochet Pattern used the colour Ecru.

4. it's mercerized

What is mercerized cotton? Basically, mercerized cotton differs from unmercerized because it is chemically processed to make it more durable and resistant to colour fading so that it will stand up to washing without having the colours fade or bleed out. It also adds a pretty sheen and depth to your stitch definition. Lion Brand put together an entire page explaining the science behind mercerization which you can read about here.

Taking it straight from the Lion Brand website itself, "The mercerization process strengthens the fiber giving you a product that will hold up to wear."

Yes please!

5. affordability

It's only $4.99USD per 100 grams. Much cheaper than a lot of other mercerized cotton options and this one won't break the bank!


To sum up, I love making garments out of this yarn. If you haven't tried it yet, I think it's worth trying. These are my personal opinions, and Lion Brand 24/7 Cotton has the Knits 'N Knots stamp of approval. Lol. I hope you found this helpful!


Janine xo

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